Craig Autometrics Closed

It's come to my attention that Burch Craig formerly of Craig Autometrics has posted some garbage on his closed businesses website urging people to not bring their cars to us for service.

I just want to set the record straight, so there's no misunderstandings.

Months ago when I heard Burch had decided to close his business, I called him prepared to make a large sum cash offer for his client list, and phone number. He told me we wasn't selling it. Needless to say I was shocked. I thought ' so what about your customers? You're just going to leave them with no place to go? Leave them with no alternative place to have their vehicle serviced? ' to which he had no response.

So now, I decide to run some ads, what he calls 'predatory advertising' ? Now I'm confused? What exactly is predatory advertising? Isn't all advertising predatory in nature? One business trying to pull customers from another?

I'm quite certain that for something to be construed as predatory, one party must be harmed by the actions of the other. How can Craig Autometrics be harmed when they are no longer in business?

I don't understand his reasons for behaving the way he is, or now trying to tarnish my businesses good name and excellent reputation for outstanding customer service.

Again, I'm offering to TAKE CARE of his former customers now that he has decided not to anymore, offering to service their vehicles with the same care and attention they have been accustomed to and even offering to HONOR any warranty issues that may arise. How is that predatory?

I feel saddened that Burch has decided to once again attempt to leave his customers out in the cold rather than take care of them.

I invite you to give my company a try and enjoy a special offer just for doing so (make up your own mind), you can read the details here:

Best wishes,
- Bob Britton

Professional Auto Care Inc.