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After a recent chat with Burch Craig, owner of Craig Autometrics it's been confirmed that he will be closing his doors in the next month or so. We here at Professional Auto Care wish Burch and his staff our best wishes as he transitions into retirement or wherever else his road may take him.

Craig Autometrics which was located at 10 Winthrop Street has always been one of those shops long held in high regard among the auto repair community for the quality of their service and their people.

As a courtesy to all customers of Craig Autometrics, we at Professional Auto Care have decided to Honor ALL Warranties on any work preformed at Craig Autometrics. We have long been friendly competitors and this is our way of helping out any customers of theirs that now finds themselves in need.

We here at Professional Auto Care believe taking care of our clients is the top priority and want to ensure Burch and former customers of theirs get fair treatment so again we will honor all warranties and warranty claims for any customer of Craig Autometrics. Just bring in your paperwork to our facility at 763 Linden Ave, or give us a call at 585-381-6180 to setup your appointment.

We have long had a tradition of award winning customer service and top quality service, just like they did at Craig, and would like to extend an invitation to anyone that was their customer to give us a try. With free loaner vehicles, top quality service and a unprecedented three year, 36,000 mile warranty on parts and labor, we believe you'll find your new home at Pro Auto Care a great place to land.

We appreciate how difficult it is to find a repair shop that you trust, and that's why we're willing to offer any former customers of Craig Autometrics a FREE 'Let's Get Acquainted' package.

Here's everything you get with our 'Let's Get Acquainted' Offer:

* Premium Lube, Oil and Filter change with top quality oil and filter (up to 5 quarts of oil).
* Our Signature 68 point vehicle inspection and report to uncover any potential problems
* Check all belts and hoses
* Check and set air pressure in tires
* Chassis Lube (where applicable)
* Check and Top off all fluids as necessary

This is the same premium service we provide to our current clients.

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This is our way of helping any customers of Craig transition to a new repair shop and continuing the tradition of excellent customer service that Burch and his staff provided for years.

Thanks and we hope to see you soon.

- Bob Britton
Professional Auto Care Inc.

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