Customer Testimonials

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say About Professional Auto Care Inc.

  • Catherine Anderson - January 30th, 2015

    Overall great experience

    Great experience! Very quick and easy oil change. I was on my lunch break so I did not have a lot of time to wait around. They were very quick and got my oil change done quickly. Very reasonable prices, even though my first oil change was free which was even more of a plus!

  • Gary Wicks - January 26th, 2015

    Practical, honest and reasonable

    impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of the young men here.

  • taria Washington - December 8th, 2014

    awesome and friendly service

    What lead me there was free oil changes that was going on .the young man that was working on my car was so honest and nice. Although I no longer have that car, I will definitely do business with them again , without a second thought! !!

  • Tom Geyer - December 8th, 2014

    Fast, friendly, and thorough service

    John thoroughly explained all of the service that needed to be done. My car was in and out the same day and I am confident the job was done right. I will be returning to the shop for future needs.

  • Anthony Cucinelli - December 1st, 2014


    I really enjoyed my time here at Professional Auto Care. Everything was done perfectly and in a timely manner. The employees were professional and super friendly. I recommend them to everyone!

  • Kent Levi - November 14th, 2014

    Yes, great work!

    Thanks so much!

  • Mycerdia Dukes - August 8th, 2014

    Free oil change and tips

    I had my daughter bring my car in for the free oil change. I had never been to Professional Auto Care Inc. and so her father went w/her just to make sure everything was fine w/the oil change. Well, everything did go fine and the car ran smoothly after the oil change. I even got an email to let me know that the car was all set and if I needed anything or if there was a problem to let them know. I thought that was nice and I said to myself I would be coming back for more services. I sent an email commenting on the tips that are emailed out and how helpful they are or even the little fun facts and funny stories. I immediately got a response back and thought that was pretty cool. Thanks for being a NOT average car care place.

  • Ella Harbison - July 28th, 2014

    Highly recommended

    Your Garage was very highly recommended to me by a Dorschel customer. The person told me, your garage was the only one to go to for all repairs and basic service. She regrets purchasing her vehicle from Dorschel and wishes she would've gone elsewhere to purchase her new vehicle. This garage is the best place to bring your vehicle for any and all services.

  • Rose Beauchemin - July 24th, 2014

    NYS inspection

    everything went well; only needed to replace wiper blades. had been there before to get a water pump replaced, and they found I also had a bad wheel bearing. they were very friendly and worked with me to do both repairs without leaving me broke.

  • Erik Piazza - July 17th, 2014

    Honest, fair Volkswagen auto service

    I started coming here for my Volkswagen auto repair needs about a year ago. I'm always able to get my cars in for regular maintenance in a timely fashion and immediately for emergencies (wipers stopped working during rainstorm, brakes seizing up). Fair prices, great service, friendly and honest mechanics. Literally half the price of a dealership with trustworthy, personalized care.

  • Kelly Warner - April 27th, 2014

    The prices are good

    You can get in and get out when you get oil change . The staff and workers are very nice. Plan to come back to have work done again.

  • Karl Dubash - April 5th, 2014

    Serviced quickly and for a reasonable price.

    Serviced front brakes, replaced rear brakes, and fixed leak in tire, They diagnosed the problem with my car quickly and also pointed out something else which had been on my mind for some time. Both issues were fixed in a very timely manner and the staff was extremely helpful and courteous.

  • Azin Bagheritar - April 2nd, 2014

    Very diligent, hardworking, honest staff!

    I was in and out! Quickest maintenance and repair ever, and I was treated with respect and courtesy. Definitely extending the word to friends and family as well as coming back for future needs.

  • Gilbert Santiago - April 1st, 2014

    highly recommended

    On the 3/31/14 I bring my ford escape for a Front and rear disc brake maintenance - clean and adjust. and the NY state inspection. The guys at the shop did a great job and a very reasonable time and price , I highly recommended.

  • Heidi Northrop - March 31st, 2014

    Wonderful Experiencs

    I needed some work done that was more than I could afford, but they worked with me. I haven't had any car issues and everyrhing was thoroughly explained. I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

  • Gilbert Santiago - March 29th, 2014

    I had a door Handle - Remove & Replaced

    The team was very diligent with my needs and they allowed me to borrow a car while my car was in the shop. I highly recommended Professional Auto care.

  • Gilberto Santiago - March 29th, 2014

    Came today for a Lube, Oil and Filter Change.

    My overall experience was outstanding like always the team was very professional.

  • Daniela Scarpa - January 25th, 2014


    Professional auto is truly the best place I've ever gone for my vehicle.The Staff is honest and accommodating and the cost of the service is sometimes shocking (in a good way) there is no need for me to go anywhere else.

  • Andrea Geglia - January 18th, 2014

    Great experience

    After initially having some issues diagnosing what the problem with the car was, they figured it out and got it all fixed up- and a day earlier than expected to boot. It's tough to say that getting a vehicle repaired is a good experience, but this was as good as you can get. It would be like saying that a root canal is a pleasurable experience. All in all, they earned a 5 star rating and future business- hopefully in the distant future!

  • Jesse Yatteau - December 22nd, 2013

    excellent Service

    In An Emergency, Without Appointment, You Took My Car I And Completed Work On Time. I Am 100% Confident In Your Work And professionalism

  • ML B - December 2nd, 2013

    Staff is courteous & professional.

    They are willing to listen, ask the deeper questions to get to the right issue, provide recommendations, and offer tips and suggestions. Website is professional and easy to use. Would appreciate the flexibility of an option for contact / follow up as email is not always an available option.

  • George Grady - November 12th, 2013

    Great Service

    These guys managed to troubleshoot and fix a problem that had stymied my last mechanic, and they even managed to do it quickly and on cheap. I'll never go anywhere else. Professional Auto Care is the best!!!

  • Vinnie Bagnato - September 18th, 2013

    Good Service

    First time was successful, great job guys.

  • Karen Stevens - September 5th, 2013

    I love Professional Auto!!

    I originally came to Professional Auto for a second opinion. I had taken my car in for its annual NYS inspection someplace else and was told that it was going to need some very costly repairs before it would pass inspection. I brought my car to Professional Auto for a second opinion and was told that nothing was wrong with my vehicle and that it was fine to pass inspection. That was many years ago and I have continued going to Professional Auto ever since for many reasons. As a woman I am always concerned when I take my car in for service that the auto shop will take advantage of my lack of knowledge and will over charge me or perform services that don't really need to be done. I know that the service people at Professional Auto would never do that, I trust them and feel comfortable there. I feel that their prices for service are very reasonable and lastly every person I have ever talked to there has always been extremely friendly and easy to talk to. Thank you Professional Auto for giving me a place that I feel good about taking my car to.

  • Fred Marcellus - August 1st, 2013

    Professional, fair, an excellent value.

    I had an SUV towed in on a Friday night about 5:30. I was very pleased that the vehicle could be looked at Monday and repaired by Tuesday about 9:30 in the morning. I also had a second car serviced the same Tuesday and it was completed by mid afternoon. Chet also helped me prioritize the repairs. Your service is hard to beat. You are professional, fair and an excellent value.

  • Darin Giammusso - November 26th, 2012

    Since day 1

    Since day 1, I have been very satisfied with the people and the service at Professional Auto Care. Recently, I had a problem with my car and stopped in to see Chet. He immediately took my car in and was able to fix it while I waited. Absolutely the best service!

  • Jim Farrington - November 1st, 2012

    Everything fixed

    Thanks for working on my Subaru a couple of weeks ago. Everything is working great, and the idiot light that we were afraid was going to return has in fact remained dark, so I haven't needed to bring it back in.

  • Keith Koster - October 4th, 2012

    Recent Visit

    All aspects of my experience at your business have and continue to be first-rate. Businesses from around the area could learn a lot from you guys. Keep up the good work and thanks again for providing trustworthy, courteous, customer-centered experiences. A+

  • helena bernard - October 3rd, 2012

    your service

    I've been using for several years now. We bring in both car's- 2007 VW Passat Wagon and 2005 Audi. The wonderful service starts with Chet-office manager to all the gentle men in the service dept..Several months ago I was driving in the area of the shop around 5:30 and my head light lamp went out-as I was in the area i pulled in thinking maybe I can catch them befor they close-- well they were closed but a fine young man was still in the service area and came out to see if i need anything -i told him my trouble- he smiled and said i can fix you right up-- he came out the a bulb and proceeded to switch out the bulb-- the lamp gave him quite a time trying to changed it out..when i saw the time and effort he was having- i said i can come back when your open-- he said no- i'm going to get this done for you.. After some time he was able to get it done-- I was ready to pay-but he said no- that was ok and sent me on my way- just yesterday i brought my 2005 audi in for oil change --when they got my car on the lift- chet immeadiatly showed how badly my tires were worn right down to the steel belt webbing but you could not see it when all four tires were on the ground as the steel belting was coming away from the tire from the inside out and not apparent when the car was on the ground-- but here is the kicker- Chet knew my family so well that he spent some time trying to shop around for a safe set of 4 tires that was price afforable for my budget- all staff at P.A.C go the extra miles to keep me and my family safe with honest evaluations,quick service time after time and we are loyal customer. I live near Sodus NY and the trip into E Roch is quite a drive- it's worth the peace of mind and my budget--helena

  • paul foery - June 5th, 2012

    Outstanding service

    Hey guys!! Thank you for your excellent service. My car would not start, even though I had a new battery installed at another shop. As it turned out, the electrical system had some issues. Your guys found and fixed the problem to my satifaction with Chet keeping me posted on the progress. Thank you!!

  • Kristine Lukaszewski - February 13th, 2012

    Great Service!

    brI heard a strange sound from my car on my way home from Buffalo, where I currently go to school. I called up Professional Auto Care and Chet immediately asked me to bring in my car. When I got there, he hopped in, and took a drive with me so that he knew the sound I was hearing too. Ken also took my car for a test drive and verified the sounds I was hearing. Not only did Chet and Ken explain what was going on in terms I would understand with cars, they took the time out of their day to help me, and I am so grateful. Out of all of the places that I have been to, I have never had such great service and attention as Professional Auto Care. I recommend them to everyone I know who has car issues, and I know that my car will be fixed the right way the first time, every time I visit! Thanks so much!!  🙂

  • Michele Kharroubi - February 10th, 2012

    Awesome service!

    I was recently in for an oil change and asked to have my brakes checked and my tires. They noticed that I had the wrong size tires on my car! Last time I go to Sam's Club for a cheaper way out! Now I have quality tires that I know are the correct size! Also, they fixed my brakes and were so very helpful to me! This is the reason I keep coming back! Thank you, Chet, and the "guys!" You rock! Michele

  • Keith Koster - February 10th, 2012

    Just had complicated work done on the vehicle and am 100% satisfied with all aspects of the work. Chet and the technicians were thorough, kept me posted on the developments, and stayed late on today for me to pick up the vehicle. First-rate, trustworthy, respectful and kind service all around. I trust this establishment in all respects and appreciate the service that I was provided. Thank you very much and hope those folks I've been referring are making appointments.

  • Peter Connelie - January 23rd, 2012

    Audi Repair

    My car was ready on time and with the repairs done right. After the initial inspection, Chet called me to review the proposed repairs. The cost of the repairs was reasonable, the staff was friendly and I would definitely bring my car back in the future. Honest friendly and fair are the words I would use to describe my experience.

  • Jeff Mangini - January 4th, 2012

    Honesty goes a long way

    I brought my car in thinking that I might need a new power steering pump. A few hours later I recieved a phone call stating that it was just a belt and the repair was done for under $20 when I expected to pay hundreds for a new pump. Knowing that I can trust the folks at Professional Auto care makes taking my vehicle there an easy choice anytime I need work done. Thanks!

  • Michele Kharroubi - November 14th, 2011

    Excellent Service

    My car was in for an oil change and tire rotation and I made an appointment ahead of time! I got there and was greeted warmly and they got my car right in! They were efficient and thorough and I was in and out of there in no time! Thanks Professional Auto Care! I know my car is in good hands with all you!

  • Andrea Lester - November 8th, 2011

    One word.... AWESOME

    brI have been coming to you guys for almost 10 years. We have been through lots of service managers and crew but I beleive that you finally have got the best!! From Chet, the service manager, and Aaron and the guys in the back. Service has been nothing but superb. Always able to fit me in at anytime. Quick turn around time. Just a pleasant experience each and every time. That is my I have recommended you guys to my father-in-law, friends and anyone I can. Thanks for being.... great.

  • Theresa Santa - August 31st, 2011

    Five Stars

    brThis was my third time using your services and I will continue to come back! As a woman, its difficult to find a professional auto care shop that is honest and educational and you guys are all that and then some. I remember my second visit where you could have charged me for a service but told me it was covered under my warranty and sent me off to the dealership where I purchased my car ... the service I needed would have been $300 and I would have paid it but you took the high road and I am truly grateful! I dont know if there is a rating system for the type of business you are but if you were a hotel, Id give you 5 Stars!

  • Justin Rand - August 18th, 2011

    Great service!

    Recently brought my car in for an inspection and they got me in and out within 20 minutes. Staff was super friendly and accommodating to get me in on short notice. Will definitely return for all my automotive issues!

  • paul Foery - July 28th, 2011


    Thank you very much Fast friendly service Did what we agreed upon and finished we you said!!

  • Annette Barber - July 5th, 2011

    Great customer service!

    I have been bringing my car to Professional Auto for a number of years now and have to say that when it comes to customer service, it's all in the name...they are truly "professional" in the service that they provide! It's always a pleasure doing business with them!

  • Michele Kharroubi - June 9th, 2011

    Auto repair

    Once again it was Professional Auto Care to the rescue! My driver window was not working properly and when faced with a costly $600+ repair, the mastermind crew there (Aaron and Chet) were able to repair it well below that price! They went the extra mile to find a solution that would be effective and manageable to my finances! And the window works great! You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!

  • Gary Agosti - April 5th, 2011

    Truly a Professional auto care shop

    I have had my MGB serviced here for several years with great work at a fair price. My wife's car went out of warranty and now she is a regular customer. My main vehicle in now out of warranty and is now under your care. Recently I suggested to my son that he try your shop, he did and is pleased. A satisfied customer, Gary

  • Charlotte Buckman - March 7th, 2011

    Putting the customer first.

    Our daughter, who lives out of town, was in Rochester to have her snow tires removed and new tires put on her car. The technicians at Professional Auto Care notices that she had some issues going on with her car. Chet called GM to see if her warranty was still in effect and if the work would be covered. She had 14 days to go before the warranty expired. We were able to get it into a dealer and fixed the same day. Thank you Chet for going beyond what I would have expected. You saved her about $500. We totally appreciate your honesty and commitment to your customers.

  • Joe Frasca - February 1st, 2011

    Guaranteed service gave me peace of mind

    I purchased a truck to restore this spring, however it needed immediate work done to get it on the road. The staff at the garage laid out all of my options; this can be especially tricky for hard to find parts needed for an older vehicle. They were patient with me and gave me detailed updates when I checked in with them. Their feedback and insight into how it went was reassuring. I was impressed because I felt that they gave my old truck the same attention they would have given to a newer or nicer car. I believe they gave me unbiased opinions and helped me choose the best options. I left feeling like I definitely made the right choice and that if anything went wrong I could go right back to them to have it fixed.

  • Ellen Agosti - January 7th, 2011

    Thanks for getting my 2003 BMW repaired so quickly

  • Pam McCormick - December 28th, 2010

    Winnie repair

    Chet is Superman for me! He fixed Winnie my mini cooper in minutes! and did it right before Christmas when he was super busy!! You can't get any better service or brains then Chet at Pro Auto Care.

  • Randall McGarvey - December 21st, 2010

    thanks for your help

    Thanks for the time and attention to detail on taking care of the car. When spending that much on repairs, it's good to have your warranty behind the repairs.

  • Kathleen Cloonan - November 30th, 2010

    I brought my car in for an oil change & winter check up recently. I arrived later than anticipated, but my car was brought in immediately & promptly serviced with a smile. Great customer service!!

  • Brian Allen - November 19th, 2010

    Always faithful

    Time and Time again I kick myself when I bring my car anywhere else. The job just never gets done right and with the honesty that I get from the guys at Pro-autocare. Even though its a bit of a drive to get to the shop, I gladly pass 20 or more shops on the way as I make my way to Pro-autocare.

  • Heather Vitticore - November 18th, 2010

    Oil Change and Coolant Fix

    I just want to thank you for your honest and polite work ethic. I called a couple months ago about purchasing wiper blades and you suggested I could find them at an Advanced Auto Parts and possibly get a deal there. I took this as a company that cares more about helping out their customer than taking their money. So when I needed an oil change and had a leak in my coolant line, I was happy to give you the business because I felt sure that you'd help me out. And you did! Not only were you honest and up front, you were respectful and helpful when I spoke to you on the phone... and I hate to say, that being a female car owner, this doesn't always happen at mechanics. So thank you!

  • Rebecca De La Vergne - November 8th, 2010

    Best VW care in Upstate NY!! I recently had my 2000 VW Golf repaired at Pro-Autocare. My coolant was leaking and I was uneasy taking it to a new mechanic. They were awesome!!! The repair was much less than estimate and completed in a timely manner. Chet and Ken discussed what the repair was and even showed me the broken part. They informed me of other concerns that needed to be addressed with my car. You guys get five *****s!!!

  • Chris Bunce - November 8th, 2010

    A shop you can trust

    brI recently brought in my Honda expecting that a repair would be required. My wife had convinced me (and I had convinced myself) that something was about to fail. The team diagnosed the vehicle and told me nothing was wrong. They had the patience to work with me until it was clear the vehicle was in working order. No charge. Thats why my choice will always be Professional.

  • Geoff Mealey - October 14th, 2010

    You actually make car repairs & maintenance a great experience!

    Today I took advantage of the rebate check that was mailed to me based on this past year's service. The rebate check was $76 so I decided to snag a free oil change. Chet recommended that I add in a tire rotation b/c it would still be covered with the rebate promotion. I can't imagine any other auto shop that I've used in the past actually recommending additional maintenance be done on my car knowing it's at their time/expense. You guys are great!

  • Teresa Quinzi - October 1st, 2010

    Word of mouth...

    My nephew, Ken Smith, who has worked on my cars for, what seems like a hundred years, and has kept them running beautifully, but is now no longer working as a mechanic... My cars last me forever and that is partly because of Kenny.... I have been looking for someone like him, to become my car's new caretaker, and Ken, himself, has reccomended your Auto Repair Shop coming from one of the greatest mechanics of all time, I am taking his advice and turning to you to keep my car in condition and within the keeping of my warranty on the car for which I paid very good money. As soon as I heard your recorded message and looked into your website, I feel like I've found a new repair shop for my car. It really needs a check up to keep within the warranty, and also is time for an oil change and some winter prep... I have left my information to set up an appointment with you. I am looking forward to working with someone I can trust and feel comfortable with, in accordance with Kenny, and his father, reccomendation.... Teresa Quinzi-Willette

  • John Tasinas - September 25th, 2010


    First time customer after being referred to by a friend. Car was only starting after a jump every now and then and the alternator was replaced. Was still having the same problem and Chet contacted Advance Auto to swap the battery as well for me since it was under warranty. Customer service was great but could live without the extra shop fee for bolts/etc.

  • Darcy Paddock - September 12th, 2010


    I brought my car in for regular maintenance and was very politely told I was 2000 miles late! I appreciated being reminded of the importance of regular service for my older car and am always confident in the knowlegable, sincere and respectful service I receive from Chet.

  • Lonnie Adams - September 3rd, 2010


    Chet and rest of the crew, Just a quick note to thank you taking care of my truck. I have never had experience where I felt assured that I wasn't getting "worked over" For as long as I live in Rochester, my truck will come to your facility. For jobs large or small. Thanks again!! Lonnie Adams

  • helena bernard - August 26th, 2010

    outstanding service

    as a new customer that drives 30 miles to get my VW serviced at PAC, I have on an occasion run into problems while preparing to travel down state to visit with our daugther in NYC..each time when my VW Passat needed last minute attention, the crew atProfessional Auto Care took the time to fit me in,attend to the problem and send me on my way, secure in knowing it would be safe to travel. The routine oil change alert notice , ladies clinic, VIP club and warranty policy takes Professional Auto Care to the next level of customer service leaving all others behind. My mother recently bought a used car knowing that it will be well serviced by Chet (front desk commander)and the pit crew with professional care and attentivness. also on a major note- this establishment is honest and cost conservitive, always trying to find the most cost saving measures for their customers.

  • Mark Harstad - August 13th, 2010

    Quality Customer Service

    Thank you to Chet, Aaron, and Mark at Pro-Auto. The first time I brought my car to Pro-Auto, my serpentine belt had broken and I had to towed, which I was able to replace myself. Chet was very friendly and we had a nice talk. I usually do the small jobs maintenance on my car, brakes, oil. When I realized my AC broken was beyond my skill and means, I brought the car to Pro-Auto. Chet was very understanding when I took my time to make decisions. When Chet wasnt in, Aaron and Mark answered my questions, took the time to explain and show the problems. These are good guys who know how to treat customers! I now have a shop to take my car to.

  • Frank Shaughnessy - July 22nd, 2010

    they got it done

    brMy job on the surface seemed small. The emissions light was active, but it was not a small repair. They we able to turn it around fast. Pro auto got it done!

  • Leah Farnsworth - July 20th, 2010

    Future Repeat Customer!

    I was really impressed with the service I recently received from Professional Auto Care Inc. My truck was ready on time and the staff was friendly and helpful. In addition, the staff were very knowledgeable about their products and services. Specifically, I was given a written description of recommendations. It was explained to me in way that could easily be understood and better yet there was no pressure. My overall feeling about the experience is they actually care about the maintenance and the quality of work they provided on my truck. I absolutely will return for service again.

  • Ronald Buckman - May 11th, 2010

    I'm spoiled.

    What terrific service! Chet drove to my work location, picked up my vehicle, took it back to the shop, made the repair, and brought it back to me. I didn't have to interrupt my work day by leaving the office -- what terrific service. Thanks. Ronald Buckman.

  • Karen Stevens - April 9th, 2010

    Outstanding Serivce Again

    I brought my car in today for an oil change and state inspection and was unable to get a ride after dropping off my car. Chet arranged for Aaron to drive me home and return later to pick me up. Aaron was very kind and curteous. I felt very safe with him driving me to and from my house. Thank you for providing this great service as well as having such great employees.

  • Andrea DeCesaris - March 10th, 2010

    04 Jetta

    I took my Jetta in yesterday to be serviced because of a check engine light and a need for an oil change. I just moved here from RI about a month ago, so I had NO CLUE where to take my car to be fixed, even in RI I never had a "go to" car place I usually was "that guy" that got taken advantage of because of my lack of automotive knowledge and I am a young female! But, I am confident in the work that was done here especially with the warranty, and so reassured by the staff I will always take my car here! Thanks I finally have a car place!!

  • Jocelyn Eisenberg - March 6th, 2010

    Recent service

    The card you put in my car said I could provide feedback via the web. You should put the survey on the website... if its there, I dont see it. Car was ready on time, etc.

  • Linda Bianchi - January 28th, 2010


    As always, wonderful experience. Chet is very helpful, informative and always pleasant. Service is always done quickly and done well. Thanks for taking care of our vehicles!

  • Jill VanDerWoude - December 27th, 2009


    I came in for an oil change. Everyone was very friendly and encouraging with my own financial crisis. There are a couple of things I will need done, however when I was told it never felt like they were pressuring me to do it NOW. Great experience.

  • Karen Stevens - December 14th, 2009

    Satisfied customer

    Thank you for the terrific service you did on my car the beginning of December. It was done promptly and my husband I are completely satisfied with how the car runs now. Chet was so friendly and helpful! When it comes to automotive repair I know nothing, but Chet answered my questions like they weren't foolish at all and made me feel comfortable. I will definately be back and have already recommended your business to friends. Thank you please keep doing exactly what you are doing now.